The BJP needs to change its tactic

It needs to follow the strategy of the opposition

There are many disenchanted BJP supporters who keep on bitching about how disappointed they are with the party and its leadership and how they are not going to vote for them again. Here is an advice for the BJP and people support the party:

Most of the non-BJP parties ask for votes not on what they have done or what they are going to do, but to keep the BJP from coming to power. It is a negative strategy, but politically, for many it works. You don’t need to set any bar.

There is no confusion. There is no bickering about what is being achieved and what is not being achieved or how corrupt a particular party is or how divisive its tactics are. No such thing. There is only one, single agenda – don’t vote for the BJP.

It’s actually not a bad strategy. The electorate knows what needs to be achieved. It’s not about roads, it’s not about schools, it’s not about hospitals, it’s not about communal harmony, it’s not about law and order, it’s not about jobs or other civilizational needs.

Just focus on one thing: keep the BJP out.

This eliminates conflict many BJP supporters constantly go through. An average BJP supporter has a long list of expectations. Even if 50% of these expectations are not met, there is an overwhelming disappointment.

This is where the BJP needs to change its tactic. Instead of telling people we are going to do this and that, tell them that their single most agenda is to stop the non-BJP parties from coming to power. This immediately clears the confusion.

So, the next time someone says, “Oh, I’m so disappointed, I’m not going to vote for the BJP again,” ask him or her, “so you want this-that party come to power again? Just imagine what’s going to happen.”

Instead of chanting continuously “vote for us” tell people to “not to vote for them no matter what.”

It’s going to be tricky because this template is already being used by most of the non-BJP parties. As long as you can keep the BJP away, everything is fair game.

For these parties, there is no low or high bar. Lawlessness and all-around chaos are not an issue, as you can see the states of Maharashtra and West Bengal. As long as one single agenda is being met – stop the BJP – nothing is expected of you.