Muslims don’t need to feel apologetic for criticizing the Taliban

Recently when Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah released a video urging Indian Muslims to not to celebrate the rise of the Taliban, many intellectuals who consider themselves to be the champions of Muslims, protested.

There is a general tendency among Muslim intellectuals, and even intellectuals from other communities who think themselves as the champions of the Muslims, not to speak up on uncomfortable issues such as cruelties inflicted by Muslims on other communities. This is the reality of the world. Muslims are not always victims. In many regions, they can be the most brutal, especially when they are in majority. Look at the Taliban. Even the ISIS-ridden regions.

In my recent blog post I have written about why, if Muslims want to talk about every issue related to Muslims from all over the world, they shouldn’t shy away from talking about the extreme elements within their community, whether in India, or in another country.

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